Tuesday, April 07, 2009

9:58 p.m.

Addie is still sleeping, no fluids have passed her little lips. She looks and feels miserable. We are waiting on her next dose of meds.

Maybe by the morning, her body will have rebounded enough to allow her to drink and keep it down.

We have had more visitors and more gifts. I am so very grateful to you all! I would like to extend an extra special "thank you" to Olivia for Addie's monkey socks (and monkey). The socks have been on her little feet since before surgery. She "asks" me to take off the left sock to look at her boo-boo band aid, then the sock goes right back on. Olivia's sweet little gift is helping to keep Addie's little piggies warm tonight!

Please say a prayer for our family!


Jenn said...

I have been checking on Addie since early this morning. I hate that she is having a tough time and I pray that she is feeling better soon.

Jennifer said...

I am praying for ya'll.
Jennifer R

Kim said...

I am so glad that the day went well, I have been thinking of Addie for much of the day and prayed for her throughout the day. I hope Addie rests well tonight and is feeling much better tomorrow morning. Bless her heart, I know how she feels, I have always gotten sick with anesthesia. I pray for a peaceful night for all of you and that Addie feels much better tomorrow morning...