Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This may be offensive

and way too much information for some readers.
Well...too bad!
I've got to share!
I don't know about the rest of the world, but in our house, it seems like the bathroom and the kitchen is common meeting ground.
Last night, we - meaning all four of us - ended up in my bathroom at the same time. Julien was sitting on the side of the tub, I was reclined against the sink and Chris was standing in the doorway.
Well, it started out that we were all headed upstairs to get nightly hygiene rituals out of the way. It was time for Julien to shower, Addie to brush her teeth and then head for the bath. We didn't quite make it that far. As we were walking into my room, I asked Addie if she needed to go potty. I got my usual, "ys" (the "e" doesn't exist) and so I helped Addie to the potty. She went tee-tee like a pro and then I told her it was time to wipe since she was all done.
You know what that little Monkey did? I asked her if she wanted to wipe herself...she gently took the tissue from me and did just that. She wiped herself.
Oh, DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN, thank you!
Can you believe it?
Can you believe it?
I can.
I am grateful to God. The miracles just continue to bless us!


Apryl said...

Can I send Kynadee over to get some potty tips from Addie? Good Job Sweet Addie Girl.

Kim said...

Yeah, me too! Can Addie help Madi with the potty!! Lately she has a complete come apart if I take her in there, I never dreamed it would be this hard!! Good job Addie!

Nicole said...

Good job Big Girl!! Sounds like she's well on her way to meeting another milestone!!

csmith said...


I am so proud of Addie. She is so smart and this part of your blog just made me want to cry, happy tears though! We love you Addie and Thank You God!!!! You are AWESOME!!!! Carie :-)

Ashley said...

Congrats Addie!!!!