Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday!

No so far!

Yesterday was really tough, last night was miserable.

Addie is STUBBORN! I suppose she gets that from me, but we're not going to discuss that right now.

She is so miserable that she is spitting out (almost) everything, including her own saliva. She will eat a few bites of food, but won't take any fluids (except for an orange popsicle yesterday morning and one good drink of water last night). I can't get the Lortab in her and she is in pain.

I was up at 1:30 this morning trying to force her to take some pain medicine. I think I'm the meanest Mom in the world.

She is keeping a low grade fever because she isn't getting enough fluids.

I felt like I was taking care of an infant yesterday. I spent the whole day trying to get some sort of nutrition in her and the rest of the day changing our clothes because we had so much spit up and goop all over us.

She is still going tee-tee, so I'm not concerned about dehydration at this point, but she has to do better today. I have tried everything! Ice chips, Popsicles, yogurt, apple sauce, liquid through a syringe, etc....

Oh, and to make the day a tad bit better...

Julien is home sick from school. He's running a fever.

Chris doesn't feel well, but that isn't keeping him off the golf course (can you blame him with two sick kids at home).

My house is a wreck, my thighs have grown because all I've done since Tuesday is sit on my tushie holding my sweet little monkey, I didn't put a smidgen of makeup on yesterday and I've been living in sweats.

On the bright side, M.B. brought over dinner last night. I feel so guilty for accepting offers from people, but I sucked up my pride yesterday and told her to absolutely bring it over. Well, bring it to my drive-way and Chris would get it because it looks like toy-land has exploded in my house and that I haven't had any self-care skills in a while.

She brought us the BEST dinner from Home Plate Cooking! It was the best Chicken Pot Pie, Macaroni and Cheese and Gooey Butter Cake. M.B., I appreciate it more than you know! For those of you who live in Helena, if you haven't visited Kay at Home Plate Cooking for dinner or dessert, it's a must!

To give you an example of just how bad Addie is...she passed up the Gooey Butter Cake! This stuff melts in your mouth and Addie chunked it on the floor!

Wish me luck today. I have two days for things to improve...Easter Brunch is at my house this year!


Katie said...

I am so sorry that you are all having such a terrible recovery! Hoping that she feels better for the Easter Bunny! We missed you both at the Bell Center this week!!

Katie and Paul Vincent