Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wrapping Up the Day

Out of every option on how to spend the evening, Zoolight Safari was the only activity that I felt Addie would really love.

Don't let Julien's short sleeves fool you, it was very chilly!

Over the last two years, Addie has managed to acclimate to riding a carousel and seems to really enjoy it.
She especially loves when Julien rides with her!

We enjoyed a quick trip through the barn where Addie had to stop and say, "Hi" to every cow we saw.

When she spotted the tree and fire, she walked right over, turned around and said, "Cheese!".
Poor child...that is the side effects of having a camera in her face almost daily since birth.

After leaving the barn, Monkus spotted the over sized elephant and tiger photo op stations.
Without missing a step, she walked right over to the elephant and waited for me to take her picture.
She didn't even give the tiger a second look....

We even enjoyed a three foot radius of falling snow.

At this point, Monkus was famished.
The only thing available was chips and it certainly wasn't doing a good job keeping the Monkey tame.
Julien agreed to a quick photo 

before we moved on to the train ride.
We had a bit of a wait and Julien was doing his best to keep the Little Monkey entertained.

After the train ride, we ended our night by feeding the Little Monkey at the nearest
Chick-fil-a drive thru before heading home.
We are incredible party animals...and besides, Monkus was so very sleepy and ready for bed.

She had a very busy day, but seemed to enjoy her day.

As far as ringing in the New Year....
we couldn't be happier to welcome 2013 and we are looking forward to another year of watching this Little Monkey prove "them" all wrong!

December 31, 2012