Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christmas Morning - Addie

Just like last year, Julien wanted to take all the credit.
After he opened his presents and I delayed him as long as I possibly could, he ran upstairs.

I don't know that she knew what to be looking for....the tree was behind her!

Addie looked through her stocking, and everything got an excited little giggle.
From the Slinky

to the scented marker.

Santa brought a new book and new toys for the bath.

Santa received a tip from a very special Elf, who said that Addie had put "Cinderella" on her letter to Santa.  
I was extremely perplexed as to how Addie knew who Cinderella was.  
We certainly don't talk about the glass slipper wearing beauty in our house.
It didn't take long to put the pieces of the puzzle together and then it all made sense.
Bottom line...Santa made sure there was a Baby Cinderella waiting for Addie on Christmas morning.
That is the first time the Little Monkey has ever given a response when asked what she wanted Santa to bring her.

Addie lovingly calls her "Baby Rella".

The Little Monkey's "main" gift was a NO GO.
The North Pole made a huge mix up with boxes, which caused them to have Fed Ex running back and forth to our house for the next 48 hours.
It all worked out fine and the Monkey got her other present on the morning of her birthday.