Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christmas Morning - Down Time

We had a little time to relax before we had to be at our next destination.
I was so exhausted, that I actually took a nap with Addie, and I never take naps!

Prior to us taking refuge in my bed, we had a chance to play for a little while.
Addie seemed to be enjoying her new toys, but I was a little concerned about her choice of placement for Rella.
I totally believe in my heart that Addie thought it was an incubator, and just wanted to keep Rella warm.

Addie spotted Julien putting on his socks and she immediately started to deploy delay tactics.

I don't know who he was talking to, but little Miss Impatient wanted her phone back stat!

The Little Monkey HATES when Julien gets to go outside without her!

It just crushes her!

Julien only braved the rain for a few minutes before he was back inside and helping out.
The Little Monkey got new headphones for Christmas that required a lot of modification.
It is a blessing that we are a family skilled in the use of Duck Tape.

A few major power tools and a smidgen of Duck Tape later, the Little Monkey had her new headphones on!

Still not perfect, but as close as we could get.

Addie's new kitchen was moved into my kitchen, which meant that Baby Rella had to ride in the incubator.
Poor Rella.