Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christmas Morning - Julien

Once again...there is something to be said for Santa displaying a certain level of self control in the gift giving area.

Julien had a very short wish list this year.
My Mother actually stole the last few items on his list, which left Santa nothing but good judgement to work off of.

I imagine Santa thought he couldn't go wrong with items to compliment Julien's dirt bike.

There is definitely no going wrong with the ever famous Beats.

I give a big shout out to Santa and Giorgio Armani for allowing my child/car/house to smell like something other than a gym locker.

Julien also got a new 4 wheeler - not from us - and it does not reside at our house.
(I'm kind of hoping that we don't build any further relationships with any local ER physicians)

The child has a whole lot to be overly thankful for.