Monday, January 14, 2013

Gift Time!

The Little Monkey was unable to tell me what gift she wanted for her birthday.
In some ways, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

 I spent time after time with Monkus, sitting at the computer or looking through magazines, hoping to see excitement in her face over one item or another.

Baby Dolls are really the only thing that the Monkus loves, so as I began the search, I focused on all the usual websites.
I pulled up all the big name sites, never getting any reaction from Monkey.
It wasn't until I pulled up my trusty Amazon, did I start to see a glint of excitement in Monkey's beautiful blue eyes.
When a little smile crossed her face and she pointed at one particular photo on the screen, I knew that my search was over.

A few clicks of the mouse and the adoption process began.

This baby had no idea just how lucky he was to be chosen by such a loving little Mommy.

That's not the Wicked Witch of the East.

Oh my goodness, Monkus was so excited over opening her gift!

When she got to the bottom of all that tissue paper, she tried desperately to grab the box.

I had to lend a hand,

and that's when she finally saw him!

The Little Monkey is in love with her new baby!

We tried to give him a proper name, but just like all the other babies we have adopted, he is called...


December 31, 2012


jennohara said...

That baby is so realistic!! :) He's the perfect addition to Addie's little baby family! Good job Mama!