Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cutest Gift of the Year

I think the award for cutest (Addie) gift of the year goes to her rain coat and matching boots.

The rain coat was one of the gifts from my mother and the boots were one of the gifts from my sister.

Addie was thrilled to open presents this year.

When she finally saw what was inside all the wrapping, she was in love!

When it came time for Carli to go outside for a potty break, Addie immediately suited up and wanted to "go too".
She was such a big helper!

It's kind of hard to tell, but some of the cupcakes on the coat and boots are animals!
Blue is Addie's favorite color, combine that with cupcakes and adorable animals and it makes for the PERFECT combination for the Little Monkey.

Addie is doing a great job walking in the boots.
It's a little challenging for her, but when we try to take them off, we get a very firm, "No Ma'am!".
She's a girl who knows what she wants!


jennohara said...

Yep, they're definitely even cuter on her!!! LOVE them!