Monday, January 28, 2013

Our January Retreat

I LOVE the cold winter weather. 
It's Alabama. 
We can't exactly classify 60 and 70 degree weather as cold.

While it isn't Summer and 109, we have to take advantage of these Alabama Winters and stay outside as much as possible.
Our weekend retreats this January are to our local zoo.

Chunk was enjoying the day even with her mystery fever and hidden ear infection.
At that time, the Little Monkey was also harboring a pretty nasty sinus infection that would surface the very next day.

 She was just having a great time riding in her stroller, taking in all the animals, and showing everyone that passed us - her container of chicken.


She is a little nut.
Addie didn't have much of an appetite, yet she was very protective of her chicken from our pre-zoo trip to Jim 'N Nick's.
You would have thought there was a Cupcake Cake in there from the way she held onto the container!

Addie loved the elephant, but getting her to stop being nosy long enough to smile for the camera was impossible. 

Her excitement was a result of hearing that we were going to see...

the Little Monkey's.