Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Monkey - Cake Number Two

I realize, Addie's birthday was exactly three weeks ago, but I've been just a little busy.

Poor Chunk has a doctors appointment first thing in the morning, and I'm hoping to be able to decode whatever has been ailing her for the past few days.
My Little Monkey has not been herself.


Cake Number Two was created based on the Little Monkey's reaction while looking through a book at a bakery.
Since I couldn't decide on "the perfect cake" for Chunkus, the kitty cake was bought for the birthday gathering with my family.

When Monkey saw the cake, she was so happy and was even happier to show it to everyone who came through the door!

Oh my goodness, she was so excited!
Chunk watched as everyone sang ,

and the practice from the day before must have paid off because she blew out her candles on the very first try!