Thursday, January 17, 2013


Kindergarten has been remarkable for Addie!
Not only does she love going to school, but we have seen progress in her expressive language.

Her teachers tell me that Addie is learning to say the names of all of her friends.
That is huge in our little world!

Addie has learned to tell me when she is hungry.
The sound of her saying, "Hungry, eat." is so calming to my heart because she is able to tell me one of the basic needs that must be met.
She still doesn't tell me consistently because there are times when I see her getting fussy or irritable and I know that she is getting hungry, but yet, she won't express it to me.

Addie has learned to tell me when she is sleepy.
Considering all of our sleep issues, when she does tell me, "Sleepy.", I drop what I'm doing and get her ready for bed!

Addie has learned to walk up stairs with minimal assistance.
She has to have someone standing behind her, but she is now physically able to make it to the top of the stairs!
Walking down the stairs still requires physical assistance.

When I ask Addie a question that she doesn't understand, I either get the same sweet response that I have always gotten, which is her standing, hands clasped together and those beautiful blue eyes just peering up at me...or her newest response of...."Ummmmm".

We are working to have Addie answer the all important question, "How old are you?" in the appropriate fashion.
I can absolutely understand her confusion on how that number keeps changing just when she manages to start answering the question correctly!

I am proud of Addie's accomplishments no matter how small or how long it took us to achieve them.

....Day by day, minute by minute in our Wait and See World.


jennohara said...

I'm so proud of that sweet girl. Hanna starting responding with "ummm" lately too! Too funny. :)
Addie is so amazing. I can't wait to see how much more she accomplishes this year!!

Jeania said...

Yeah Addie!!! So proud of all of her accomplishments this year:)