Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Fell on Alabama!

It almost pains me to even post this knowing that my Northern friends will see this pitiful display of Alabama slush...
I cannot tell you how happy this made me!

It was absolutely beautiful to watch the snow come down for a few hours today and when we finally made it home, there was still a little time to go outside before the sun set!

Addie was able to go outside at school today and enjoy the snow as it was falling.
Julien told me that the principal came over the intercom to specifically tell everyone that they could not go outside, so as soon as Julien got home, he was outside until dark!

Julien just amazes me.
He couldn't wait for Addie to get outside so he could show her how to build a snowman.

It was so sweet.

She had absolutely no idea what to do with the snowball in her hand.

She didn't know what Julien was doing, but any time with Julien is a good time.

Addie was so excited to see Julien put the little snowman together!

I hope this is a moment that Addie will always be able to remember
I hope it is a moment that Julien will one day cherish.

Taking the snowman to his final resting place on the front stairs.

Chunk was absolutely thrilled to have to stand still for one second in order to photographically capture the moment.

I decided to let Rudy onto the porch to see his reaction to the snow.
He is a complete nut case.
He didn't have a problem walking in the snow and when I reached down to try to pick him up, he flopped over and decided to slather himself in the slush.

Our snow is over and tomorrow will be a bright and beautiful day!
We enjoyed the few hours of beautiful snow while we had it.


jennohara said...

These are the sweetest pictures. I'm so glad you will have them to cherish!!
Julien is the sweetest.
Just so you know...I'm seriously totally impressed with that accumulation. Just about as much as we've had so far!!