Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ick, Blah, Cough!

The lovely winter bug has invaded our home.
Chris brought it home to us last Wednesday.
He was massively, disgustingly sick and in bed for two days.
I acquired the flu - actually went to the doctor and got all the meds I needed to ward of pneumonia and spent three days in bed.
Addie spent those same three days in bed with me because she had whatever Chris had.
Julien went to the doctor today and has Bronchitis and feels like complete DogSnot.

When we picked Addie up from school and she found out that Julien went to the doctor, she immediately had to start taking care of him.
She patted him and asked him if he was, "Sick?".
She got a boo-boo band-aid and placed it on his arm in an effort to make him feel better
then she went to the cabinet and asked for a fig cookie and offered it to him.
She watched with a look of concern to make sure that he took a bite.
She has walked to his room and looked in to make sure he is still there and asks, "Sick?".

Addie has had a lot to worry about lately and having Julien sick makes her so, so sad.

~~~  When he was getting out of the car yesterday morning for school, she called after him and said, "Bye Buddy!" and waved as we drove past.  ~~~

Her little heart of gold is absolutely precious.


Anonymous said...

God shines through her. :)