Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Christmas Day Dinner

We are thankful to my aunt for once again hosting the event at her house.  

By the time Addie and I woke from our nap, we had less than half an hour to get ready.
I grabbed Addie's dress that I bought last year (that I put up for this year) and as I was trying to put it over her head, she started fussing like crazy.
Causing enough of a ruckus that the cats came running to check on her.

The Little Monkey is lucky to have a Mom that understands that the world won't end if she doesn't wear a stupid smocked polka dot reindeer dress.
I walked into Monkey's closest, grabbed the first red anything I could find and called it a day.

Julien walked out of his room and said, "Please don't make me change clothes.".
Honestly, Julien could have walked out in his wrestling uniform and I couldn't have cared less.
I just didn't care as long as my children had on clothes.

I have no idea what had her attention...clearly it was important and very serious.

The Little Monkey and MK hung out the entire time

despite Monkey stepping on MK's toes.

Time to open gifts!
It's not a formal affair, we just cram as many people as possible into the room and start taking photos.

4 out of 5 at least looking at the camera isn't bad.

The children momentarily complied.

Check out the Little Monkey!
She was just beyond tickled that she could slide down the stairs!

In fact, she thought it was so funny, that she tried it over and over.

A huge "Thank you!" to MK for taking care of Addie and playing so sweetly all afternoon!

Christmas 2012 - that's a wrap!