Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Primate - Decoded

Sometimes, it can be emotionally difficult having to troubleshoot the Little Monkey.

I knew she wasn't herself and I knew she didn't feel well.
She had a lovely little fever on and off throughout the weekend and would occasionally mention that her head, "hurt".

Her fever went up yesterday and that's when I called to get the first appointment possible.
Monkus had a terrible night last night and when she woke this morning, the nasty runny nose had begun.

Thanks to the assistance of our fabulous ENT and his handy-dandy primate-decoding technology, we determined that the Little Fungus Monkus has an ear infection in her left ear and a sinus infection displaying all colors of the rainbow.

I knew Monkus' ear was bad when our ENT actually grimaced and said how terrible Monkey's little ear looked.

We made it through Christmas and three weeks into the new year without the onslaught of fungus encrusted ear goo, but I knew it was too good to last.
We have three weeks before we go back for a re-check.
If Monkey's ear isn't healed, back to surgery we will go.

I absolutely refuse to go through what we went through before.
We have a proven track record of what works and what doesn't and if antibiotics won't do the trick, surgery will, even if it's only temporary.
I hope sweet Monkus is feeling better soon, I hate to see her all stuffy and miserable.