Sunday, January 13, 2013

Starting the Day

Julien wasn't home yet, so we decided to head out for lunch while we waited. 

The Little Monkey was so super excited and had a hard time understanding that we had to wait on Julien before we could have the cake that it took us all morning to make.

We tortured her with a few pictures before going to one of her favorite places for lunch....Jason's Deli.
She is easy to please - take her to a place where she knows that she has access to ice cream and life is good.

I had to hold Moosletoe for the photo.
Addie is a nut!

We were desperate to kill some time while waiting on Julien.
We knew that if we went back home before Julien arrived, Addie would resort back to babysitting the cake and there was no reason to make us all miserable.

We took the long way home and went to the car wash.
I'm telling you...this Little Monkey is not hard to please!

Tri-Color Rainbow Foam

us telling the car to "close her eyes" because the shampoo had to be rinsed off

followed by the ginormous "hair" dryer to finish making the car nice and pretty, can be a very exciting process!

December 31, 2012