Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thanks GaGa!

My Mom just spoiled Addie rotten this year!
It is all so unnecessary, but so very much appreciated!

Addie has a pram that we got for her when she turned three.
Although extremely well built to withstand all the abuse Monkey can dish out, it remained an amazing source of frustration for Monkus for the last three years.

Addie has difficulty steering most items, but the pram has always been even more difficult for her
when she is trying to care for her babies, it can cause a great deal of grief for every single person within our home Addie. 
So, when I mentioned to my Mom that I found a baby doll stroller for Addie with swivel wheels, Mom immediately claimed rights to purchasing it.

Although the stroller has not proven to be the magic trick that we were so hoping for, it has allowed Addie the ability to take her babies for a walk without the extreme frustration we have seen with other strollers and the pram.
The Little Monkey is getting there - one little step at a time!
...sometimes it just takes Addie's Mommy a little while to figure out how to facilitate the process...

January 1, 2013


jennohara said...

Wow! That's a nicer stroller than I've ever had for my kids!!!! :)