Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Open House!

My Little Monkey was more than willing to pose for a picture this morning before school.
She was excited about starting her day, although not evident by the look on her face.

This evening, we attended Open House at Addie's school.
She loved showing us around her classroom and she LOVED showing off Julien although she was acting very shy to everyone we encountered.

Addie loved showing us how she stands at the Smart Board when she talks with her class. 

Addie's snowflake....

The awesome artwork outside the art room.
Addie was still being very shy and wouldn't stop to talk to me about the kitty.
I can only imagine what she was thinking the first time she saw this kitty - it is HUGE!

We finished the night by visiting the gym.
One of Addie's PE Teachers told me that Addie participates each and every day.
She said that Addie tries to do everything that every other child is doing!
It made me so proud!
The rock wall is definitely not an independent option for Addie, but she did enjoy spending a few minutes with her friends and watching them have fun!