Sunday, December 02, 2012

Port Two - Cozumel

Port Two
 Day Four
 It was raining and cool when we arrived in port in Cozumel.

We managed to dodge pretty much all the touristy photos - that are EVERYWHERE - but upon exiting the boat, we got caught.
I did my duty as a tourist and bought it.

I don't know quite what to say about this photo.
They caught us in mid-stride,
Addie was completely freaked out by the costumes and camera person.
Julien was dead set on going swimming at the local beach
and pretty much was irritated at me for making him wear tennis shoes, although I'm sure deep down he appreciated not wading through mud puddles in his slip on shoes.
Addie and I were dressed for the weather,
while most everyone else was walking around in beach wear 

We look like dorks.

Why, yes.
He is awesome and cool.

We thought about it,
and then decided against it.

However, we couldn't pass up Starbuck's.

Poor horses.
They were working so hard in the rain!

I finally convinced my husband not to jump.
It just wasn't worth the hassle to transport his body back home.

Rain and more rain.

The smaller boats looked so incredibly tiny!

After we boarded the ship, Addie was just exhausted and willingly opted for a nap.
Julien - stood guard.

We were not the only ones leaving port.

Leaving Cozumel behind.