Thursday, November 29, 2012

Port One

We opted to take a few minutes to look around.
It was rainy off and on, super windy and a little chilly.

We didn't stay long.

The view from the boat.

Had we opted to go into town or to the beach, we would have had to board a bus that takes you down this incredibly long road,

so long that we could barely see land on the other side.
The road just seemed to disappear.  

After boarding, we decided on an afternoon at the pool while the boat was virtually deserted.
It was rather nice.

It was so chilly outside, that we quickly found the hot chocolate as soon as we finished swimming.
I showed Addie how to stir the hot chocolate and she immediately took her job very seriously.
She stirred and stirred and stirred.
She was so proud of herself!

Look at her little fingers!
They are so red from her holding onto the stirrer so hard!
She was very dedicated!
We waited so long for her to finish her hot chocolate, that we finally decided to let her just take it back to the room 
(it was freezing and we needed a hot shower!).

She must have stirred the one cup for more than half an hour, but we did manage to make it to the room without her being covered in the drink she worked so hard to make perfect!