Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Tree Farm

Addie's class went to the Christmas Tree Farm a few weeks back.
This was the first time Addie has been and she had a really great time!

Mrs. Anita is Addie's "helper" each day and although Chris and I were there, Addie kept to her routine and wanted "Nita" to be right there with her!
We loved it!

There was a few minutes to spare, and it was spent running around the field!
Addie was so happy!

All of the children were so well-mannered and listened intently to all directions.

Mrs. Morris had prepared the children for the field trip and they were wonderfully polite.
Mrs. Morris is amazing and it reflects in the behavior and attitude of her students.
She is Teacher of the Year for a reason and is absolutely heaven sent!

After the children picked out just the right tree, one of the Dad's cut it down.

Addie stayed close by Nita and watched intently as the tree was being cut down.

November 30, 2012