Monday, December 17, 2012

Just To Show You How Very Little I Expected

I didn't even change out of my decrepit faded sweat pants.

As many of you may remember, my Little Monkey is not a fan of the real life Santa.
She gets excited seeing pictures in books or the 400 foot high inflatable adorning our neighbors yard, but if she encounters him face to face, meltdown occurs.

I was checking local news this morning when I noticed that Santa himself would be stopping by our city library this evening.

I mulled over the idea of taking Monkus, just to see if she might be interested in one harmless little picture.

I figured worse case scenario, we would lose ten minutes of our night, I would have to double my pain meds  and we would receive confirmation that Santa still = tears.

I didn't even bother to change Monkus out of her school clothes and I didn't even find a bow for her hair.
I kept on my sweats and cared not one bit how I looked.

We arrived at the library and Monkus was immediately hooked on one little baby patiently waiting her turn.
We lost track of time and lost our place in line, and before we knew it, a very sweet Mom directed us to the right location and back to the front of the line.

I love our little town.
Santa pictures are a pretty cut throat business, so for someone to offer to send us to the front of the line spoke volumes of their character!
She was such a sweet Mom (and it was at that moment that I was wishing I had cared about changing out of my ragged sweats).

We went into the room and when Monkus spotted Santa, she didn't immediately show any signs of fear.
When I held out my hand to her and told her it was her turn, the world came crashing down.

She was terrified!

I told her that it was all right and before I knew it, she was heading down the hallway towards the door.
No offer of a cookie or juice could change the coarse of her direction.
The librarian offered to get Monkey her snack and gave it to Chris, while I caught up with Monkey and reassured her that everything really was all right.

Did I say that I love our little town?

We didn't get one single picture, but in the end, it didn't feel so much like a waste of time when we got to meet an amazing sweet family and walk away with a cookie and juice, all for just standing in line.

I'm content not to have Santa pictures.
I see no reason to torture my child for that little keepsake.