Monday, December 03, 2012

Day Six - Home Port

We really did have a nice time on the cruise.

When we do it again, we will opt for a Disney Cruise.
For several reasons.
There was absolutely nothing wrong with anything on this trip, but next time, I want a cruise that is geared more towards kids.

This time though, it wasn't about the kids.
It was about my Mom and that is all that mattered.


THAT was the one thing on the trip that did cause issues.
We somehow made it through.

We arrived back at port before daybreak.
It was a beautiful and calm ride down the Mississippi.

Chunk was sleeping so soundly!
It was so incredibly nice while it lasted!

We had just enough time at our last breakfast on the cruise for Chunk to have one last cup of hot chocolate.
She was thrilled!


WicketsMom said...

We did our first Disney cruise in October and I was NOT impressed. We were on one of the two Disney ships that chose to sail directly INTO Hurricane Sandy. We made no ports, all of the outside decks were completely closed, and people were throwing up in the hallways. Granted, the decision to sail into the storm is affecting my opinion of them, but the cost is so much higher that even with good conditions I didn't see the value was more than a Carnival cruise (which we've been on three). So many of the kids activities are video-based and really geared for tweens too that my five-year old didn't have alot to choose from. We thought the food and service on our Carnival cruise was just as good at a fraction of the cost. We are giving Disney one last chance since they offered us an extra 25% off due to the horrific conditions on our cruise.

Jenn said...

Thanks W.M. for the information!