Saturday, December 22, 2012

So Incredibly Rotten!

It doesn't matter the occasion, if Julien is present, he takes front and center in Addie's life.

When Jaime called for Julien and Addie and asked who was going first, Julien stood up and walked away.
Addie, thought Julien was leaving her and she jumped up, started screaming and running after him.

In an effort to minimize the embarrassment, Julien grabbed the little Monkey and she took charge from there.
She pointed to the purple cape, "asking" Jaime to get it for her.
Then she waited for Julien's cape and then in no unspoken terms, made it clear that she was going first.

...and so she did...

We only thought Monkus would get out of the way when she was done.
She stayed snuggled with Julien  the entire time while he got his hair cut.

I think she's just a tad bit crazy over Julien.

I adore Jaime for her patience and willingness to put up with my crazy family.