Monday, December 17, 2012

Observant Little Monkey

Saturday evening, I rode with Chris and Addie up to one of our favorite shops so Chris could buy a gift.

On the way, we had to stop to refuel.
Monkus was sitting and reading her book when all of a sudden, she got excited and said, "Cupcake!" over and over.

I looked back at her book, at the stores nearby and even on the floor to see where she was seeing a picture of a cupcake.
I followed Monkey's gaze and saw she was looking at the gas station.
I told her that I saw a big candy cane and mistletoe, but no cupcake....
and then,
I saw the cupcakes too!
I don't know how on earth it took me so long to see them.
Right there.
In front of my face were the words - Krispy Kreme - the universal sign for cupcakes.

One might think that our svelte appearance indicates a propensity for frequent support of such establishments, but this isn't the case.

I really think it wasn't the blaring words "Krispy Kreme" that caught her attention, but the sugary circular yumminess on display.

More than anything, I was just stunned that she managed to hone in on the doughnuts from such a long distance.

As Chris drove away, I was excitedly telling him the story, while Monkus sat nodding her head in agreement with my version of the details!
Sweet Monkey is doing so good, and I love how her conversation skills are improving!