Friday, December 07, 2012

Doing Good

I think.

I realize I have emails sitting unopened 
texts unread.
I'm still so drowsy that trying to read on the tiny little screen on my phone is impossible.

I came home yesterday
still feel like I've been hit by a large tanker truck.

I don't trust myself to update the blog or answer anything.

Everything went well and I appreciate the prayers and well wishes.

Not to be cryptic or anything, but having surgery and being in the hospital doesn't leave a lot of fun stuff to share when it doesn't involve a new baby or new boobies.

I hope this fog in my head clears soon and then I will start updating the blog again.
Julien is doing well, in the middle of wrestling season.
Addie is concerned about "Mommy's boo-boo's", but being so brave.
Chris is doing a great job of taking care of us all.

I hope you all are well!