Monday, September 17, 2012

We Have Our Bookie On Standby


We are placing bets on what has turned our otherwise docile Monkey into a complete off the hook primate.


Our weekend was consumed by embarrassing moments of full blown tantrums and the behavior continued into our afternoon today during school pick up.

If I can rely on past behaviors to offer up clues, we are dealing with one of three things:

1.  An ear infection - or possibly two.
2.  An upper respiratory, germ infested, snot filled infection.
3.  An episode or reoccurring episodes requiring vats of holy water and vats of wine.

Whatever it turns out to be, I hope I figure it all out soon so that I can help Addie feel better, but also so that I can reclaim any semblance of dignity and relinquish my perpetual public humiliation.


Anonymous said...

Call me if that vat of wine thing pans out. :)

Seriously, I hope the little primate is back to her charming self soon!