Sunday, September 23, 2012

I Created a Monster

It is all my husband's fault.

My husband was away enjoying the Tour Championship, which meant that I had to find a way to busy myself.
In an effort to succeed, I decided to take care of some very important business...

the business of taking a Little Monkey for her very first manicure.

Overall, Addie did a fantastic job, sans the mini meltdown when she thought I was going to make her sit in the pedicure chair.
The pedicure chair resembled something along the line of this, except it was a plush bear that should have been more than inviting.

If I had to take a guess, I would say that the chairs reminded Addie of going to the dentist.
Since she couldn't tell me what was going on and I couldn't calm her, we went back out to the front and I let Addie sit on my lap while she had her nails done.

She was such a good girl!

She was super careful with her nails and even tried to convince me to let her forgo hand washing before lunch.
That didn't happen...

Before our lunch arrived, Addie was more than happy to take a picture of her nails so that we could send it to her Daddy.

On the way home, I kept hearing Addie giggle.
It was one of those moments where it just wouldn't be right to question it.
If she is giggling, that means that she is not in any type of respiratory distress and she is still doing well.
I don't want to be the one to upset her happiness...
even if that means that she is dunking her baby into a cup full of water the entire way home and I have to spend intermittent parts of the next two hours wrapping and re-wrapping baby in a towel in order to dry her completely.

Whatever makes her happy and content in the car.

Addie is so proud of her nails!
It was a special treat for her, and will not become a habit until she is older.
 When the next time comes for her to get her nails done, I hope she will be more at ease around the vicious pedicure chairs.