Sunday, September 30, 2012

Birmingham Museum of Art

During most of the month of August, we were consumed by life in downtown Birmingham.
On the Sunday before Addie started school, we were headed back up to the hospital, when I decided that Addie needed some time of her own.
Since we were in the neighborhood, and Addie had such a great time on our last visit, we headed back to the Birmingham Museum of Art.
It was a rainy day and Addie tried her best to catch a few raindrops as they rolled down the window.
We were the ONLY people in the children's area.
It took all the pressure off of worrying about keeping Addie's excitement at a low volume and she got to play with whatever she chose - no sharing!
Addie did a really good job, but needed some help from time to time.
I guess I was somewhat wrong about not having to share with anyone...
This was Addie's favorite area of the day!
You tap the computer screen to pick a background for the green screen, run to get into the picture, wait for the picture to take and then you can email the photo to yourself.
Addie was all about pushing every button on the computer screen...and she was very quick to let me know she did not need any help!
It was very much a work in progress!

August 19, 2012