Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Football 2012 - Game Three

I have got to do something about my camera.
Maybe if I write a letter to Santa...
Until I hear back from one of Santa's helpers or the big guy himself, please enjoy the blurry, unidentifiable pictures of my #68.

Game three of the season was a good game, but it had to be one of the longest football games in middle school history.
We were all exhausted and so ready to go by the end of the game.

I would not want to be on the receiving end of that block.

He's in there.
It's kind of like, Where's Waldo?

If you have your glasses on and squint really hard, with your nose almost touching the screen, you'll see my baby.

That's kind of how we all felt as the time just kept slowly ticking by...

Based on my professional coaching experience, I would say there were some decent blocks taking place.

Game Three - Win Three.

September 13, 2012


The Little Fungus was happy as could be!

She loves watching Julien play football!

ER Baby couldn't miss the game!
Although, just like the rest of us, she was exhausted!

A friend at work added the adorable football owl and Addie's name to her dress.
It's a good thing that I know talented people!

Sweet girl!

When I asked her if I could take a picture of her football owl, she immediately stood so very still!
She is so proud of her, "Julien football dress!".

.....and of course.....

post game.

Addie always wants to wait for Julien.
As soon as she sees him, she runs straight to him!
The long nights in the stands is all worth it.