Monday, September 03, 2012

Stairs and More Stairs

One of our biggest concerns with Addie starting her new school, was figuring out how to tackle the stairs that she would encounter each day.

Addie's school is (I think) the oldest elementary school in the county and I'm sure when it was built, there weren't ADA guidelines spewed upon the blueprints. 

As a parent, all the stairs makes me a bit nervous - even when Julien was a student there, it made me a bit nervous. 

There are stairs going to the playground and to the gym and to the 2nd Grade Classrooms (which I don't have to worry about for a while) and it is a lot of tiring work...

especially for Addie and her aides.

We first met with Addie's PT and team of professionals months back so that we could come up with a game plan for the multitude of stairs.
Chris, Julien and I then worked with Addie over the Summer in preparation for the beginning of school.

Honestly, I cringe - every time I think about the stairs.

So far, Addie - and her aides - are doing well...

but when Addie becomes too tired or when time is of the essence, there is always Plan B. 

Frankly, I'm an advocate of Plan B.

We'll figure out how to tackle the stairs - eventually - right now, Addie is still working on tackling a very busy Kindergarten schedule!