Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Kindergarten Update

When we picked Addie up today, her aide was so very excited about the details of Addie's day!

Mrs. Anita was so eager to tell us about Addie's day!...about...
how verbal Addie was today; 
how she was chosen by the music teacher to help; 
how she was chosen to share her writing story with the class; 
how Addie knew where her "elbows and knees" were and how to sit with her classmates in the appropriate fashion;
how Addie played so sweetly with her friend Mallory; 
how Addie participated in the Chicken Dance; 
how Addie did such an amazing job using the big girl potty, and;
how Addie insisted that she follow the usual route in the lunchroom.

It was detail after detail of amazing and exciting things about Addie's day.

It was so sweet and heartwarming to see the pictures from Addie's day and to hear how well she listened and how she participated in each activity.

There are so many little things that I have noticed over the last two weeks that make me realize that we are in a full blown comprehension growth spurt with Addie - and that is a long time coming!

Yesterday, Addie was able to visit the treasure box in the classroom. 
She picked out a small bottle of glitter nail polish and was so proud to show it to me!
When Julien came home from football practice, I told Addie to go to her backpack and get her prize from treasure box to show to Julien.
I honestly didn't expect for her to understand the directions, but the little Monkey showed me just how wrong I was!
She walked straight to her backpack, looked in the appropriate pocket and found her nail polish and immediately showed it off to Julien and Chris.

Addie is doing an amazing job so far!!!
She has an amazing aide who helps her through her day!
I love hearing all the details that I wouldn't otherwise know about - we are so very fortunate.


jennohara said...

None of this surprises me at all! Your Addie girl is amazing. Keep up the great work Addie!