Monday, August 09, 2010

I hate the summer

It's August, it's Alabama and people are crazy.
I keep checking my handy-dandy desk calendar (yes, they still make paper calendars), thinking that it must be a full moon...for the last four weeks or so.
Julien has started football practice and will start back to school this week, Addie just transitioned to a new classroom at her school and then there are a multitude of ginormous things that have kept me sidetracked and completely off schedule.
Thanks to Addie's transition, she is not sleeping.
My four hours of sleep each night has dropped to somewhere around two and I have sank to the level of begging her to please get some sleep...and Julien has been praying hard that Addie will start sleeping again soon (I guess I'm just that evil).
To top off a typical day in the life of us, it is so freakin' hot.
I discovered yesterday that Addie is much more like me than I ever knew was possible.
The awful Alabama heat makes her crazy.
Yesterday at Julien's football practice, Addie morphed into this evil, demonic child that insisted on humiliating me for all the world to see.
At somewhere around the hour and a half mark, she hit meltdown.
Chris and I sweetly started packing up so that I could take her to the car.
I offered to let the little monster hold her books and walk with me and all that did was infuriate her.
She started throwing her books, hitting Chris and Me and then proceeded to fall out screaming in the grass.
I somehow managed to coerce her through the gate, when she just so happened to look down and saw gravel.
She then decided to pick up handfuls of the gravel and throw it at the ground.
Screaming, fussing and crying all the while.
At that moment, she fell out on the sidewalk and as I reached down to gently remove her from the concrete, I noticed that lots of people were taking notice of the little evil demon.
Like I told Chris, people stare at us all the time anyway, we don't need to give them yet another reason to stare!
All I could do was smile that sweet Mom smile and pray that I found a vat of holy water on the way back to the car.
Once we made it to the car, I sat the little demon on my lap and turned the air on full blast...and what'd you know???
My sweet, little Monkey returned.
She was all smiles and somehow managed to erase the proceeding scenes from her sweet little mind.
I have pictures and stories to share, lots of sweet little things going on in the midst of chaos.
For now, Monkey is sleeping peacefully, so I am going to try to find my way to bed.
The odd thing is that somehow a sensor has been placed right beneath my pillow and as soon as my head hits the pillow, an alarm sounds, waking the little Monkey from a sound sleep....and then it will be morning and we will start it all over again.
I love being a Mom....I think life would be incredibly boring if I had a full nights rest, a clean house and a day with nothing to do but relax.


jennohara said...

You always make me laugh with the "demon" talk. I can't picture sweet little Addie being so bad!
I hope you get some relief from the extreme hot-ness soon, and get some sleep!!