Monday, September 10, 2012

One Of My Favorite Gifts - EVER.

This past Friday, I was in the midst of a very hectic day which included moving at work.
I stepped out of the office for a bit and when I returned, there was an adorable present waiting for me to take to Addie.

Inside was one of my all time favorite gifts that Addie has received.
Shellie and Nola bought this absolutely adorable shirt for Addie and had intended to have it ready for her on her first day of Kindergarten.
I think it worked out perfectly that Addie received her gift a couple weeks after the start of Kindergarten because she is becoming more comfortable with everyone...
and when we gave her to Mrs. Anita this morning, the first thing Addie did was point at her shirt!

She was so proud and wanted Mrs. Anita to take a good look and then Addie turned to the PE Coach and insisted that she look too!

As we drove off, we looked back to see Addie smiling and pointing at her shirt.
It was the perfect start to our busy Monday.

Thank you so much Shellie and Nola - you did fantastic!


It was way too early in the morning to force her to be happy about having her picture taken.

Just adorable!

Silly Little Monkey!

She was just about done with all of my nonsense.

Funny Little Monkey decided she was going to humor me just one more time.


jennohara said...

She's so darn hilarious!
What a perfectly adorable shirt!

Shellie said...

So glad y'all liked it. I thought it was perfect for our favorite kindergarten student!