Monday, September 24, 2012

A Day at the Park

This time of year is awesome! 
I love nothing more than being outside in air that doesn't feel like it's made of molasses.

On Saturday, we enjoyed an afternoon at the park.

Addie made a beeline to the swing since her beloved tire swing was occupied.
She settled in and got comfy with her baby as she kept a close watch on the heathens children who occupied her tire swing.

We were beginning to wonder if her behind had become permanently glued to the swing

when we somehow managed to bribe her into setting foot onto solid ground again.

We started by climbing up to the slide.
This is, by far, my favorite playground for integrated PT.
It has been a little while since our last visit and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Addie has made progress!

She did a fantastic job climbing the different levels!
I noticed that as we crossed over the wooden platform and neared the edge, she began to slide each foot forward, trying to feel for the step down.
I was so impressed!!!!
I didn't have to help her climb from stair to stair this time, I just had to provide balance support!
Walking down the stairs and changing surfaces did require assistance, but she was doing an amazing job!

....Oh my goodness, I just searched for my last post about this playground and it was exactly one year ago - September 22, 2011!...No wonder Addie has made great progress!....

She thought she was pretty cute stuff!
Of course ER Baby was tucked safely in her arms.

I encouraged Addie to try the enclosed slide and she was receptive to the idea, just as long as I went with her!
It really wouldn't have been a problem had she not pressure mounted us about halfway down the slide, causing me to lose a bit of skin off the heel of my foot.
Oh the things I will do for that little Monkey!

On another note, a friend at work made Addie football ponytail holders!
Not only does Addie love them, she is overly protective of her "Julien football" ponytail holders.
Thank you Dana!
September 22, 2012