Sunday, September 09, 2012

Katlynn's 2nd Birthday

All the way back in July, we went out to Nanny's farm for Katlynn's 2nd Birthday.

Addie, being the ever so sweet child that she is, tried her best to love on her Aunt Katlynn every opportunity she got.

*E.R. Baby got a new outfit to wear to the party*

Sweet Addie had no problem sitting for a picture with Nanny.

Addie sat sweetly and watched Katlynn open her presents.
Thank goodness she was aware of proper party etiquette.

After lunch, cake and presents, we went outside to feed the horse.
Addie bravely took the carrots from Chris's Dad...and then quickly stuck them through the fence before the horse could get close to her hand!

She loved watching the horse, but contact was strictly prohibited.