Monday, November 09, 2009

It's Booger Girl!

Da Da Da Da!
It's...Booger Girl!
She's faster than a Puff Plus Tissue
Stronger than a baby wipe
and can wipe mucus across her face quicker than her nose can run!
Yes, ladies and gentleman, I am the proud owner of one fungus carrying, mucus infested Monkey!
I'm so proud.
Today, I was honored to enjoy yet one more trip to Greenvale.
Chunky Monkey has been infested with fungus encrusted mucus goo dripping from her eyes and nose this past weekend.
When I got up this morning, I knew it was just a matter of time before my x-large hiney was snuggled into the hard plastic chair of our favorite pediatrician's office.
Next, came an unusually long wait, but then again it was Monday morning and an appointment that was not scheduled in advance.
Monkey was quick to make friends with each and every germ-carrying child in the sick waiting room and proudly carried around the little book that had been residing on the table in the waiting room since probably beginning of flu season - last year.
I am proud to announce that Monkey was getting around so well that at one point she was halfway down the hall before I caught her!
She was so social that one parent asked me if she was sick (because I routinely sit in the sick waiting room with my child just for fun).
I do believe that my favorite pediatrician even made a comment about Monkey acting fine. Anyone who knows my social little Monkey realizes gobs of snot or not, she is a sweetheart!
By the time we made it to the exam room, Monkey was off the hook!
She fussed, tore all the paper on the exam table, opened drawers and had me searching desperately for my happy place!
I think she probably touched every germ infested area of that room and at one point her little fingers even made it into her mouth before I could stop her!
I looked like I had been attacked by a wild animal!
My hair was falling out of the ponytail holder, I was sweating, there were random pieces of torn paper laying about and I was holding one of Monkey's shoes because I had accidentally stepped on the back of it as I grabbed her right before she exited the exam room.
When it came time for Monkey's exam, she cooperated very well...even to the point of saying,
"aah" at the appropriate time, followed by her clapping because she was just so proud of herself!
I really hope Dr. Dudgeon is proud of her too...she is amazing and I still believe the best is yet to come!
After the exam came one shot for Monkey. One shot in which she was perfect and sat so still and sweet for the nurse.
Here I am with one little germ-infested Monkey, with a sinus cavity that cannot fight off infection.
I decided not long into our visit at Greenvale that I really could use a tetanus shot, a good hot shower and a beverage that hails from
a vineyard somewhere in the depths of France and not necessarily in that order.
All I know at this moment is that Booger Girl is fast asleep with antibiotics coating her little eyes as her Mother sits typing this with a sore throat and a burning in her chest.
Oh, where is Alexander Fleming when I need him?