Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Addie's First Field Trip!!!

Another milestone...

Today was Addie's very first Field Trip....AND Bus Ride!!!

I was so excited for this opportunity for Addie.
I knew she would be so excited to ride the bus, but I honestly wasn't sure how well she would do at the Children's Theatre with all the costumes and excitement.

She did a fantastic job today!
She was so excited and had a wonderful day!

Addie's aide and teachers went with the class, so I had no worries.
It certainly helped to receive pictures and confirmation that all was well!

Pre-Field Trip.
She looks so excited!

When we picked Addie up this afternoon and got her settled into the car, I showed her the pictures from her day.
I could tell she was thinking it through and trying to figure out how I had the pictures.
When she saw this picture, she immediately got so excited and started pointing at the "Choo-Choo".
No matter how many times I said, "School bus.", she countered with, "Choo-Choo".
When we picked Julien up from football and he asked Addie about her day, all she said was, "Choo-Choo".
Once we clarified with Julien that she did not go to the zoo for her field trip and she didn't really ride a train, he was so excited to see the pictures from her day.

Addie adored her ride on the big yellow choo-choo and she looked through the pictures for over half an hour while on the way to dinner.

Addie's first steps onto a school bus.
I would have loved to see her little face, I bet she was so thrilled!

I had just walked out of a meeting when this picture came to me.

When I read the text, I immediately teared up (what the heck?!?!?).
It said, "Waiving and saying, "Hey Momma!" as we drive through Birmingham!".

Oh my goodness, Addie is such a sweet girl!

Look at all this hard work!!!

So many stairs!

What a very special day for Addie (and all her friends)!
The first field trip is such a big day!

A huge "Thank You!" to Mrs. Anita, Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Morris for taking such great care of our little ones today and for making this day so very special!
We are so blessed to have you!


Anonymous said...

You DO realize the bus has "Thomas" on the side in very similar script to the Thomas of choo-choo fame...?


Cecilia (Aunt Cissy) said...

Awesome pics. She looked like she had a great time. YAY.