Sunday, March 06, 2011

Weekend Productivity Equals Negative Zero

I had all these plans of being extremely productive this weekend and it just didn't happen for a couple different reasons that really are not that relevant to this rambling post.

Saturday - I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  My immune system is apparently shot (or so my doctor tells me) because of the amount of stress I'm under and more thankfully, to the flu that it is going to take a while to fully recover from (or so my doctor tells me).  So, when I woke on Saturday, downed a few more antibiotics and finally managed to make it to coherency, it occured to me that I was in a mood to do a whole lot of nothing.

I am searching for a canine companion for someone, so I spent a little while looking at local adoption websites as Julien, Addie and one of Julien's friends played in the other room.  See...for those of you locally, you know that it was a monsoon on Saturday, so everyone was confined to the inside of my house.  When the point arrived where the kids were playing volleyball on the sun porch and broke my vase, I made the decision that we had to get out of the house.  That meant we were taking them to a local comprehensive money sucking palace of germ infestation.  Yes...they could play video games, laser something or another, bowl, golf, ride go karts (when not monsoon weather), play in a tree house, eat pizza and pick out prizes all with the use of a refillable plastic card with a magnetic strip that gave them access to everything as the money fairy kept loading and re-loading the card.  Frankly, it wasn't a bad trade-off considering the other option was volleyball, inside my house

By the time we made it inside the money sucking palace of joy, we were all soaked.  I left Chris at the register, debit card in hand for the first financial transaction of the night and I headed off to the restrooms with my little Monkey.  As soon as we walked into the restroom, a little girl spotted Addie and at the top of her sweet, little voice said,

"Mommy, look at that little baby.  Her head is so small.  Mommy, you have to see her.  Her head is so small."

(this is where I really want to insert what I was thinking, but that requires me checking a box on my blogger account that says a warning will pop up advising people of adult content. so, just use your imagination.)

I never stopped walking, just went straight to the stall with Addie and commenced with business (and the little girl was still repeating it - over and over).  I so was not in the mood to find my sweet, educational tone, so I did what I suggest we all do in those times...I kept my mouth shut and ignored the situation. 

The kids had a phenonmenal time and we had a great time watching them spend our money.  It really was a lot of fun and a great way to pass a rainy Saturday night.  When we finally put a lock on Chris's wallet, the kids were exhausted, so we headed home to watch movies....and to watch what happens when you mix two boys, one baby girl and an enormous whoopie cushion:

Today, the rain was replaced by bitter cold.  We went on the hunt for trees.  The first nursery that we went to is brand new to us.  We really, really like this place and will be returning this week to pick up the trees that we decided on.  The people at this nursery are extremely helpful and nice.  I like nice people and I like nice people who have tact and who treat my little Monkey like they don't notice a thing in the world different about her.  When we left the nursery, Monkey was so very happy with the handful of suckers they gave her and the pretty little flower that they gave - just to her.

By the time we left the second nursery, I just didn't have it in me to do anything else.  I needed to go home.

So our weekend was non-productive.  We didn't get squat accomplished and as I type this - I don't feel half bad about that. 

The only thing that I somewhat accomplished was getting slightly hooked on the sweet little face of a dog that needs a home and one more little dog that seriously needs a home and I feel so bad for her that if I was a dog person, I would consider taking her myself.

Maybe one of you will fall in love with her and want to take Dazzle home from the Atlanta Pet Rescue:

Picture from the Atlanta Pet Rescue site


Cathy said...

First of all, I loved your blog about your weekend. As a mom of two boys, I completely understand the volleyball game on the sun porch!

Second, I wanted to thank you for looking through Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption's website. Dazzle is a truly amazing dog who loves attention, massages, being held, being carried during walks (because we all know that princesses shouldn't have their feet touching the ground) and all the finest things in life.

Cathy Roth, Shelter Manager, Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption

little bit of almost heaven said...

I so love dogs. I passed a momma and two babys on the side of the road on superbowl sunday, with a car full of chicken, and almost went back and got them. Instead I went home crying and felt guilty for days. I would adopt every dog on that sight if I possibly could.

WicketsMom said...

Unfortunately kids often just blurt out what they're thinking without thinking of others' feelings when they do so. Twice recently my son asked me loudly "Is that a boy or a girl?" referring to someone I was talking to. One was a lady in the pool with us who had on a regular-looking swimsuit on so I have no idea why there was a question, but I wanted to crawl under a rock when he said it!