Thursday, March 24, 2011

Circa 1989

Think Cindy Lauper, Poison and Motley Crue.
Think Aqua Net hairspray.
Think leggings and scrunchies.
Think Cameros, 5.0's
and think,
Roller Skating Rinks.
Fastforward twenty-something years
Deja vu
Julien's newest passtime sent me reeling back in time...before kids, gray hair and reading glasses. 
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
We took the day off work in order to spend the day with the kids - since it was Spring Break and the weather was gorgeous.
To make a long story short -
all of our plans got completely squashed.
Julien was completely fine and had no problem with getting a new pair of skates and a trip to the park as payback for what our plans had been.
When we first arrived at the park, it was like we were thrown into Freak Fest 2011.
Granted, I could have completely wiped out past experiences from my memory, but I think this was the first time that an entire group of people who gave all appearances of being related, completely stopped what they were doing to turn and stare at Addie.
I'm not sure if they stopped looking at the point when I stopped walking and turned towards them or if it was at the point where my green eyes turned to red and the rays of fury burned into their corneas.
Whichever it was, they stopped looking at her and went back to the birthday party that they were in the midst of when I happened to walk by with Chunk.
Since I didn't see any signs saying Julien couldn't skate through the park, I let him enjoy the afternoon.
(That's right, go ahead...start counting the safety violations...

Yes, this could be used as the next injury prevention poster for the AAP)

While Julien was skating, Chunk spent some time in the big girl swing and was happy and content, just as long as her Daddy didn't swing her too high.

Julien decided to take a break and spend some time with Chunk.
This picture was a bit amusing.  This child walked up and gave all indications that he wanted in the car with them.
Unlike most experiences we have, my children were willing to share.
Addie immediately slid closer to Julien and patted the seat in an effort to have the little boy sit next to her.
That was right before his Mother came over and wouldn't let him....until we moved.
That resulted in Chunk hitting meltdown - the point of no return - the day ender.
So we packed up and headed home so that Chris and Julien could rest up before their morning tee time...and afternoon at the skating rink.


jennohara said...

You cracked me up with your safety poster...
Looks like everyone had a nice afternoon outside!