Friday, March 04, 2011

Cookie Monster Was Not Harmed In The Writing Of This Post

Back on February 5, 2011
I had to go into work, so I left Addie in the capable hands of my Mother and my niece.
I also left the remains of the cake that we had the night before at our big celebration at Bonefish Grill.
At one point during my absence, the little Monkey conned my Mother out of a piece of cake and apparently enjoyed every last bite.
Just hours after my Mother left my house, she had the heart attack that sent our worlds into overdrive for the remainder of February and the first few days of March.
When the physician came in to see my Mother today, he told her that they would be moving her to the 3rd floor and out of the Cardiac ICU area.
That is basically the equivalent of flying first class vs. coach, having box tickets vs. sitting on the bleachers or surviving the sinking of the Titanic or resting at the bottom of the ocean.
My Mother told the physician that she preferred to go home.
I don't know if the right choice was made, but I do know that not a single one of us wanted to see my Mother back on the 3rd floor of that hospital.
I am taking a cautious, but optimistic approach.
When she went home tonight, her lungs were doing what they were supposed to - and fluid free.
The other issues are still prominent and must be dealt with.
Another surgery will be in her near future.
Maybe with the loving care of Home Health nursing visits and the comfort of home, Mom will progress to the point where we can proceed with surgery and get that behind us - again.
Thank you all - for everything.


Jenn said...

So glad to hear she is at home. I pray God continues to heal her.