Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's a Bit on the Pitiful Side

Monday, March 14, 2011
Any time that Julien is away, Addie is never quite herself. 
She will look into his room every time we pass by and the first thing she does every morning (that she wakes up in her own room) is to point into Julien's room, which is her way of asking me if he is in there.
She never passes up an opportunity to wander into his room and take a look around and if there ever is a need for us to be in his room, she is more than happy to camp out with are the cats.
Chris was putting up a shelf in Julien's room and this presented the perfect opportunity for Addie to hang out.
She found a sucker somewhere - I'm guessing from a leftover Valentine that was hiding somewhere - and she was more than happy to help herself to the sucker. 
Addie was a big helper and handed Chris everything he needed. 
Not necessarily in any particular order.
Please don't be jealous over the pure awesomeness of the perfectly proportioned pig-tails Addie is sporting.
I seriously have no idea how I managed that.
On the prowl again.
Trying her best to find something else to get into.
The bag of army men, his clothes drawer, books in the closet and the lone sucker just wasn't enough.