Monday, March 07, 2011

Awww, Guys...

Sometimes I think you guys just like the sound of my voice for me to clarify things, so here's the smaller version of all the jumbled up stuff in my brain tonight.

1.  I know the sweet little girl at the money sucking palace didn't mean any harm.  She's a child. What grates on my nerves is that it never fails - ever and that her Mom didn't say one single word to her.  I so totally get being beyond embarrassed by something your child says or does, my kids make it their mission in life to embarrass me.  As I've mentioned before, I wish you guys knew the story where Julien (at age 2) made me wish that I could just disappear into thin air.  As humiliated as I was, I still addressed the issue because the man heard what Julien said and that was my way to make him aware that I was trying to correct my child....and in an effort for him not to kill me
I get it.  I do.  I really, really do.  It still doesn't make it hurt any less.

2.  It's not that I'm not a dog person, it's just that I'm a cat person.  My parents always had dogs when we were growing up.  It's just that something seriously snapped inside of me when my ribcage was used as a scooby snack by a pit bull that probably would have killed me had my Dad not been there.  I want to love dogs again because they are awesome little companions who make amazing family members.  Right now, it's just not that easy.  See...when we go out of town or leave for just the day, my cats are happy to help us pack and load up the car.  They can't wait to see us go so they can have free roam of the house.  On the other hand, dogs are needy.  A sweet little dog would be heartbroken to be left alone and that's just not fair.

I hope that makes sense to everyone.


Monique said...

I completely understand the comment about the little girl. I always make sure my kids are made aware of a comment they make about someone else no matter who or what. Children learn to be tolerant and respectful from parents first. No excuses. Hoping your FG feels better and gets some sleep so you can too.

csmith said...


I totally agree with you! The mom should have said something to her child whether she was embarrassed or not. You have feelings just like they do and I know if it was my child making any comments out of curiosity or whatever I would say something to my child. A child whether they are innocent or not needs to know when things are appropriate to say and when they aren't. They need to know that other people have feelings and they can be hurt by the things we say. Love ya, Carie