Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Stroll

This afternoon (well, yesterday afternoon), we finally had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather. We toyed with the idea of heading to a nearby park, but after spending the weekend running from one place to the next, we opted for a stroll around our neighborhood instead.

We frequently get out and take Addie around the neighborhood and it is so neat to watch her as we're walking because we notice that she remembers things from previous times.
She is particularly good at remembering at which house she has seen a cat or a dog and even "asks" when the cat or dog is not visible.
We think that is just awesome.

Sometimes she is content to ride and other times she fusses until one of us carries her.
In an effort to keep her happy in her stroller, I started giving her snacks to feed to the birds.
What this really means is that I give her any item that is on the verge of becoming stale so that she can drop it on the ground for the birds. 
So far, this has kept her busy for quite a long time....just as long as she doesn't drop the container. 
Then life explodes.

Today the snack was pretzels.
After we left our driveway and headed out, Addie decided to taste test the pretzels in preparation for the feeding of the birds.

Not too long into our walk, the music truck came by.
I was mentally debating just how long we have before she figures out that the music truck has more to offer than just an annoying tune.
While we were walking along, Addie would hear a random bird tweeting and would drop a pretzel on the ground.
Each time, she would look back at me for approval.
Somewhere along the route, she decided that every barking dog and every available cat, also needed a pretzel.
She didn't seem to notice that not a single animal paid a bit of attention to her treat, until this little guy spotted us and followed us for a while before deciding to turn back around.
Good thing Addie wasn't passing out Baco's.
The story could have had a completely different ending.