Friday, February 25, 2011

The Year Long Discussion

It's rare that Chris and I disagree on anything and when we do, it's always over something pretty stupid.
Last year, he decided that he was going to cut down two trees in our yard.
Considering he does all the yard work, I think it is only fair that he makes the major outdoorsy decisions, but I had a problem with these two trees going.
First, they were home to a family of birds (I have no proof that the birds are actually related) and second, they gave me a false sense of privacy (from the things I don't advertise here on this blog).
So, we discussed this.
The discussion started last Spring.
Sometime around the middle of Summer, I told him that if the family of birds moved out during the winter that the trees could go.
For the next six months, we discussed the trees.
How can two trees consume that much conversation?
It all came down to timing.
The birds did leave for the winter, which left a small window of opportunity before new birds moved in.
Last weekend, tree number one came down.
Julien and Chris cut it down while Addie and I found our happy place around the back of the house so that we wouldn't see any possible injuries.
After the tree was down, we went over to help with the clean up.
Addie was enamored with the commotion and had to be right smack in the middle of it all.

I had given her veggie sticks to feed all the birds in our yard.
After she dumped out the entire bag, she helped herself to some of their treats.

After it was all over, we discovered that Addie did not make it through the ordeal unscathed.
She ended up with one ant bite on her hand.
That one ant bite prohibited her from participating in therapy on Monday.
All she wanted to do was to "talk" to her therapist about her "boo-boo".

Tree number two is coming down tomorrow...and then we will begin the hunt for the two trees that will be planted in their place.
I wonder how many conversations we'll have before making a decision on those trees....could very well be next Spring before it comes to a conclusion.