Thursday, March 10, 2011

Always Too Good To Be True

Right as we were walking out the door this morning, Addie insisted on taking some mandarin oranges with her.

After we dropped Julien off at school, Addie got her cup of oranges and proceeded (or so I thought) to eat them. 

I had our Nickelback CD turned up high and Addie was dancing and I was driving - in a state of bliss.  There was no crying, no screaming (from either one of us), traffic was light and I was feeling pretty good about the start of our day.

That was...until I pulled into daycare.

The Monkey was so quiet and happy because she was busy covering the interior of my car, her car seat and her entire body with mandarin oranges.  Not just laying them around...she was smooshing them into her pants, her shirt and anything else she could reach.

All I could do was laugh.

Holy Cow. 

My husband loves us.  As I type this, I have an SUV in the garage that is semi-free from the events of this morning, but I can pretty much guarantee you that when I open the door to my car in just a few short hours, I will be greeted by some lingering remnants of the items that kept Monkey so blissfully quiet on the way to school.

Let me tell you.  It was so worth it just to have a quiet car ride


Monique said...

This made me smile today :-) Sometimes the mess is worth the trip. Hope your family has a wonderful weekend and your mom feels better.

jennohara said...

Okay, so I jUST now got caught up on your life. Shame on me! I'm glad you re mom is doing better...holy cow...she needs a break. And so do you! :(
Addie makes me smile everytime I hear that girls name. "There it is" made MY day! And the mandarin orange thing...bless your heart for laughing. :)
Have a great week, Jenn!