Monday, March 07, 2011

My New Find

Fungus Girl has had three nights of no sleep...which means that I've had even less sleep than usual.  Since Fungus Girl is currently sleeping, I thought I would share one of my newest Etsy finds. 

Bread and Buttons is a neat shop that specializes in ponytail holders and barrettes.  Not only are they the cutest, but the shop owner is wonderful!  She was very responsive to my questions, provided extremely fast shipping and was absolutely wonderful to work with (and you guys know that is a deal breaker for me).

I ordered a few for someone very special and just couldn't help myself and ordered Fungus Girl a few too.
They came packaged way too cute and the personalized note was an awesome touch.  The ponytail holders are fabulous quality and I will definitely be purchasing more soon.

If anyone is in the market for adorable, very well-made ponytail holders, take a look at Bread and Buttons.  You won't be disappointed!  My little Fungusy Monkey thinks they are the cutest too!


csmith said...

I want to see pics of these awesome ponytail holders! Emily loves to wear them!