Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Unlike last year, an out of town trip just wasn't an option this year. 
We had way too much going on. 
Thursday, Chris and Julien spent the day golfing and skating.
Friday, Julien and I spent the day taking care of odds and ends and then we managed to find our way back at the skating rink. 
I was pretty excited about the thought of having a few hours of down time while Julien skated, so I stopped at Walgreens to buy a book...I miss having the "extra" time to read.
When we arrived at the skating rink, I realized pretty quickly just how old I'm getting and how despite my best intentions, I didn't even make it to the end of Chapter 1 because of all of the distractions. 
Maybe I'll get to read more in a few months when we have our next getaway.
When we picked Chunk up from school, she had a few battle wounds from the day.
We stopped for dinner - the dinner where I had to leave and take Chunk home because she was too terrified - while Chris and Julien stayed behind.
Once I got Chunk home and undressed her for her shower, I realized that her boo-boo's looked a little rough.
She had a bloody knee, a bruised lip and another bruise on her chest.
The best we can figure out, she fell on the concrete.
Considering she doesn't cry when she gets hurt, we have to piece things together the best we can.
When Julien and Chris arrived home, I pointed out Chunk's clean boo-boo's and that's when Julien's heart just melted.
He grabbed the first aid box, the boo-boo pack out of the freezer and grabbed Chunk.
He took her to the couch and proceeded to bandage up her knees - including the perfectly fine one, place the boo-boo pack on her knees and lip and dote all over her.
She's a rotten little thing, but a very loved rotten little thing.


jennohara said...

That Julien is such a sweet heart.
Sorry you didn't get through much of your book....
I guess you'll just appreciate your next "down time" opportunity that much more. ;)