Friday, March 11, 2011

The next round of jeopardy

I Would ask if the day could get any more emotionally taxing, but we all know the answer to that. I was having insomnia issues last night and it was just compounded by the news stories coming in....and my destination this morning.

Here's the category:
Perpetual rollercosters

Here's the question:
A specialized area within a facility specifically focused on services for which the month of February is dedicated to.

The reply must be given in the form of a question:

If you answered, "What is the cardiac intensive care unit?", you are correct!

And if I had money to award to you for the right answer, I would...

We are here waiting on my Mother to get out of surgery. She is having surgery due to complications at her incision site....followed by an inpatient admission and at the very least, IV antibiotics. Oh....also,her lungs are attracting fluid like my thighs attract fat.

Holy cow....can she not catch a break?

We're waiting on the cardiologist to come out and talk to us as soon as he's done.